Maxwell Clan

Our name is rooted in the deep Scottish traditions of the Maxwell Clan. The clan crest reflects the strong and protective traditions of the Maxwell’s, while the motto, “Reviresco” gave us a great vision for the culture of our firm. “To Grow, Flourish, Strengthen and become Anew” provides a great theme for the service we strive to offer our clients in strengthening their financial life.


We are an Independent Fee-Based Fiduciary Financial Advisory firm based in San Diego. Our driving mission is to clearly articulate important investing issues, giving investors valuable-actionable lessons on how to improve their financial situation. The firm leverages its independence to research unique ways to manage clients’ investment risk without sacrificing potential returns.

We focus on showing investors how to improve their quality of life by developing innovative solutions that help them reconsider how to best achieve long-term wealth. We use an educational approach to teach investors how to reduce investment fees, how to control tax-brackets in retirement and how to maximize legacy to loved ones.

Our ultimate goal is to show investors how successful financial and retirement outcomes are absolutely dependent on having a responsive living financial plan in place. We emphasizes this by reminding people, “Your financial plan is the benchmark.”  

We appreciate you considering our services and solutions. We know you have a choice in selecting a financial guide to help bring clarity, confidence and control to your wealth creation and risk management.