Financial Advisory Services

The options below provide flexible choices, allowing you to choose financial advisory services to best meet your needs. We respect people’s different needs as they navigate today’s complex financial world. In order to provide fiduciary guidance for your financial decisions, our process starts with the financial plan. This allows us to get familiar with our clients’ current situation, to understand their immediate needs, and allows us to develop a clear path to work towards their goals. After the plan is complete and has been delivered, we also offer asset management and asset protection services to provide cohesive management of all your financial planning needs. Whether analyzing and reporting on your current situation, developing a financial plan, establishing an ongoing advisory relationship, or assisting with asset management and asset protection, we look forward to providing you with excellent service.


Financial Planning: Organized and On Track

Your first two consultations are free. At the conclusion of the second meeting, our process requires the completion of financial analysis and recommendations, all summarized in a “living” Financial Plan. Your plan allows us to get familiar with your current situation, to understand your immediate needs, and allows us to help develop a clear path to your goals. The following services are included with your Financial Plan and are updated on an annual basis:

  • Financial Inventory and Review
  • Budget and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Systematically Eliminate School Loans
  • Integrated Retirement Planning
  • Social Security Income Optimization
  • CPA Collaboration
  • Estate Attorney Collaboration
  • College Savings Planning
  • Insurance Assessment & Planning
  • Asset Protection Strategies
  • Quarterly and Annual Reviews


Asset Management: Guidance Through Different Market Cycles

Time is our most valuable commodity, and many people struggle to find a balance between the things they like to do and the things they have to do. If navigating today’s markets in order to properly manage your invested assets is a necessary responsibility you do not enjoy, we can assist in such key tasks as assessing risk, assessing investment options, asset allocation, risk adjusted portfolio construction, account rebalancing, and tax harvesting to name a few. If you would like assistance with your investment responsibilities by having your assets professionally managed, we are happy to offer this service, freeing up your valuable time for the things you find more rewarding. The following services are included with our asset management services: 

  • Risk Tolerance Assessment 
  • Risk Management
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Professional Portfolio Construction
  • Professional Asset Allocation
  • Strategic & Tactical Asset Management
  • Quarterly and Annual Reviews


Asset Protection: Prepare For The Unexpected

Asset Protection typically refers to estate planning and various insurance and Trust strategies aimed at protecting your assets against, “creditors, predators, and lawsuits.” There is, however, some significant overlap between asset protection planning, estate planning, tax planning, and financial planning. For this reason, we also want to include elements of tax planning along with life insurance and annuity strategies to also help protect your assets agains different tax risks, longevity risks, market risks, and inflation risks. As stated earlier, all these measures are aimed at growing, protecting, and preserving purchasing power for you and your loved ones, as well as for future generations or charities of your choice. In most cases, to properly address all areas of concern for asset protection planning, estate planning, and financial planning, we will likely require the assistance of an extended team of experts with the necessary skill-sets to develop adequate and comprehensive solutions. For obvious reasons, levels of time, effort, and costs will vary based on specific household and business planning needs. Please keep in mind that proper asset protection planning must start early, most importantly before any existing claims or law suits emerge. These strategies will not be effective to protect assets from existing claims.


Ongoing Financial Advisory Relationship

After completing your Financial Plan, establishing an ongoing financial advisory relationship is what we most prefer. Choosing to have us implement your recommendations supports our passion for establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. This also allows us to provide cohesive management of all your financial planning needs well into the future. It also allows us to collaborate with any outside professionals who's skill-sets are required to meet your various planning needs. Here are just some of the areas where we help our clients on an ongoing basis:

  • Develop a "living plan" to clarify and track your financial strategies
  • Establish and monitor meaningful financial goals
  • Invest your assets in alignment with your risk tolerance
  • Systematically eliminate school debts/loans
  • Develop streams of tax-free retirement income
  • Added protection of your assets through different market cycles
  • Create college funding strategies 
  • Plan for what is expected & prepare for the unexpected
  • Help to improve overall investment diversification
  • Preserve your estate for future generations by working with your attorney/CPA


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